The House

Patios de Cafayate

Enter the enchanting glass lobby doors of Patios de Cafayate Hotel & Spa and experience true traditional colonial establishment. Rich in culture, wine, and tradition, Patios de Cafayate Wine Hotel embraces spectacular views of the Calchaquíes Valleys”™ vineyards. Take a stroll through our extensive gardens and admire the traditional architecture and antique colonial patios.

Our welcoming and kind staff will look after all details so that you enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay .

Extend your journey at our Restaurant, where the chef prepares recipes with interesting native ingredients, passed down through generations.

Antique furniture, artisan carpets, ceramic floors and silverware decorate each of our thirty two guest rooms and suites. Beautiful views of the vineyard and hills and spectacular garden scenes create long-lasting memories of your stay at Patios de Cafayate Hotel & WineSpa.


The origin of what today is Cafayate and its surroundings go back to the year 1740, when Rosario, the Calchaquí mission, was founded 2 kilometers approximately from what is the current town of Cafayate, probably near of what it is today the estate San Isidro. At that time the ranch “La Rosa” was built as a cattle establishment.

In the year 1870, the cattle businessman David Michel and his wife Gabriela Torino bought the estate “El Puerto”, where their five children were born under the surname of Michel Torino. They devoted themselves for more than 40 years to ranching and undertook a quixotic dream: the wine production.

After David Michel”™s death, Gabriela took charge of the business and continued the expansion by purchasing the estate “El recreo”.In addition, her son David Michel Torino, bought in 1925 the estate “La Rosa”.

They lived years of explosive growth, until the last decade of the 20th century when they sold the company, first to a local businessman and then to foreign capitals.

In 1998, “The Rose” is opened for tourism with 5 rooms .

In 2004, a team of architects and specialists start the restoration of the rest of the house that had been abandoned for many years, with the aim of building 32 guests rooms and creating new spaces to enjoy this charming land and incomparable landscapes, keeping the colonial architecture style.

One year later this traditional property opened under the name of “Patios de Cafayate” due to its Vallista architecture and its location in the heart of the town. The majority of the guestrooms are located in the original building which was completely restored and adapted to the modern travelers”™ needs. The rooms preserve details such as: ancient furniture, handcrafted wool carpets, ceramic floors and authentic silverwork of the region.