Wine route

The Wine route is an upscale wines tour where you can enjoy different alternatives in the town as well as in the hillsides, within 10 kilometers around. The winery tour, which combines gastronomy and high altitude wines and can be done by car, by feet or by bycicle, is a must.

Horse rides

The Peruvian or local saddle horses are a tradition in the valleys, and the most requested circuits are the circuits in El Esteco vinayeards and ridings to San Isidro hill, to Yacochuya or to the Divisadero.

Golf & Spa

Estancias de Cafayate, a wonderful private venture at just 3 kilometers from the hotel, is opened exclusively for Patios de Cafayate, where our guests can play golf in a course of 18 holes, par 72 and relax in the modern and spacious spa and the heated pool, among other amenities, at special fees.

Rural culture

In order to really git to know the Calchaquí Valleys and their people, nothing better than to spend a day with them and share their customs. You have the option of choosing between a number of different activities, such as hiking, harvesting and taking cooking, yarn making, knitting or weaving lessons in the local people’s own houses in El Divisadero, Corralito or San Carlos. Be a part of the Rural tourism route and discover life at the Valleys from the inside.


Discover the roads that the pilgrims walk down, and be a part of the landscape and of the patron saints’ traditions. Walk the same paths the Diaguitas used to walk and visit cave paintings, mortars or just marvel at the imposing geography.